Our beliefs and values

For Health and longevity:
"Nutrition ratio, Motion, Environment, Way of Thinking"

Hippocrates, 432 BC.

Following Hippocrates quote that best represents our beliefs and values we unveil:

πέλανος άγήρων

«πέλανος» - pelanos (peh-lah-nos)
refers to three nutritious gifts

«άγήρων» - agiron (ah-ghe-ron)
signifies those who live long and never age

Finest quality of:
Early Harvest olive oil, Seasonal varieties of honey, Ancient Hellenic emmer wheat

[Ancient Athenians offered these three goods to those citizens that promoted culture, social and spiritual prosperity as the most precious gift - a token of their appreciation to honour their benefactors or simply, to express their admiration to those who through their deeds evolve society for the common good.]

We are all aware that for achieving all goals in life we need time and most importantly quality time, because all the time in the world is nothing without health.
Even more, we need health which leads to longevity and offers us the opportunity to chase our dreams.
This is the main reason we decided to produce and offer goods that help, retain and improve health and which better ones than those, our ancestors offered as the most superior gifts

Even though all these goods today are offered at a price they are beyond doubt a gift, as there is truly no price for the gift of healthy living.
It is our greatest achievement and joy to be the bringers of such gifts, for our family, friends and society.

Exclusive Gifts

Every box is made exclusively. Customized with engraved sayings and a packaging created for a very distinguished clientele. Each gift is a truly unique creation.

The most supreme of elaion and melion products, all of limited availability, are offered to create a unique range of personalized handcrafted gifts.

First harvest
Olive Oils

First harvest captures their full strong taste and fruity flavours whilst retains more polyphenols, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Supreme Raw
Hellenic Honey

Raw seasonal honey from only a few rare varieties, depending on each year’s harvest. Of limited availability, in numbered jars of 250 gr.

early harvest
olive oils

Wide range of early harvested olive oils of limited quantity in numbered bottles. Early harvest olive oils, organic varieties and extra virgin olive oils for all food preparation.

Finest Seasonal
Hellenic Honey

Different varieties of seasonal pure honey. A wide range of honey flavors to suit all preferences.

Early harvest olive oil

Early harvest olive oil is a quality above all extra virgin olive oils. Harvesting olives at an early stage of maturity captures their full taste and fruity flavours. Early harvest olive oil has better organoleptic and nutritious properties so remains extra virgin for longer.


Acidity is a direct measure of its quality and reflects the degree of breakdown of the triacylglycerols to free fatty acids. Low acidity of 0,1% - 0,4% is achieved through careful handling and production process.


Olive oil keeps all of its valuable ingredients and aroma. We use gravity as a natural filter which gives time for the microscopic particles of the olive flesh to settle down. (Filtering the oil may remove up to 5% of its flavour and nutritional healthy components).

Cold pressed

Cold pressed refers to olive oil obtained by mechanical pressing and extraction processes. Elaion keeps temperatures under 27oC during malaxation and extraction with constant monitoring with laser meter during all stages of production to ensure a steady temperature.

Salmon recipe

  • Recognising a good quality olive oil is not just for experts. Opening the bottle should free a pleasant fruity smell of freshly mown grass and of countryside after raindrop. When you taste it you should feel a slight and very soft peppery sensation while your full experience should leave you with a lasting flavour of fresh green olives.

  • Place a minute quantity of 5ml of olive oil in a wine glass and after slightly heating the glass amongst your palms to release its aromas, smell to detect the fruitiness and taste to get all the freshness from the juice.

  • Dip a small piece of preferably white and unflavored bread inside the olive oil.
    Taste it and sense the fresh olives, as well as various other essences of green freshly cut fruit that may arise as an aftertaste

  • Bake or boil a potato. Peel it and pour extra virgin olive oil over the hot steaming flesh of the potato which will release all the aromas of the juice.
    Fruitiness and smells of olives, leaves and countryside should arise from a good quality extra virgin olive oil.

With pleasure
of surprising

...those accustomed to excellence